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Sport Tactics

Coach Training

Welcome to Savvy MN's premier Coach Training Hub, where aspiring coaches embark on a transformative journey to become true leaders in the world of sports. Our comprehensive coach training services are designed to empower coaches to transcend the ordinary, becoming catalysts for positive change in their athletes' lives.


"Empower, Elevate, Excel: The Transformational Coach's Playbook" is your definitive guide to unlocking the true potential of coaching. This playbook dives deep into the principles of empowerment, elevation, and excellence, unveiling how these transformative qualities can shape not just athletic performance but life itself. Get ready to embark on a transformative coaching journey!


Coming Soon! - Coaching Workshops

Welcome to Savvy MN Coaching Workshops – your destination for immersive learning, inspiration, and community building. Our workshops, are carefully curated to elevate your coaching prowess through engaging sessions, distinguished guest speakers, themed discussions, and valuable networking opportunities.

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The "Savvy MN Coach Playbook" is an indispensable guide crafted to empower coaches with self-discovery, strategic planning, and reflective insights throughout their coaching journey. It provides a structured framework for understanding oneself, allowing coaches to align their values and beliefs with effective coaching strategies. With dedicated sections on season preparation and execution, the playbook assists coaches in developing a roadmap for success.

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