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Hi There!

My name is Savannah Mackenzie Nelson (aka Savvy MN!). I am a PGA Professional and elite alpine ski racing coach with a degree in Psychology, Kinesiology, and Coaching. Sports have always been a big part of my life, and now I want to give back. I strive to make sports more fulfilling and understandable so they can be enjoyed over a lifetime. I offer many different services to help fit your lifestyle. I look forward to connecting with you! 

My Story


Welcome to Savvy MN, where my lifelong passion for sports and a journey of self-discovery come together to create something truly special.

From the moment I laced up my running shoes for cross country, strapped on my skis for alpine racing, and teed up a golf ball in high school, I knew that sports were an integral part of my life. The thrill of competition, the camaraderie of teammates, and the pursuit of excellence fueled my drive to excel both on and off the field.

High school was a time of memorable achievements, with podium finishes at the state tournament in both golf and skiing during my senior year. These victories not only validated my dedication but also instilled in me a deep appreciation for the mental and physical aspects of sports.

This passion led me to further my education, where I delved into the fields of psychology and kinesiology at Concordia University St. Paul. Here, I continued to hone my skills on the golf course while expanding my knowledge of the inner workings of the athlete's mind and body.

As I navigated the transition from collegiate athlete to the professional world, I found myself at a crossroads, unsure of my next steps. In the midst of uncertainty, one thing remained crystal clear – my love for coaching. I was truly passionate about helping young athletes realize their potential and achieve their dreams.

This revelation propelled me to invest my time and energy in coaching, a decision that would change the course of my life. Coaching not only allowed me to share my experience and knowledge with the next generation of athletes, but it also reignited the fire within me. The process of shaping young minds and bodies, instilling discipline, and fostering a sense of resilience brought a profound sense of fulfillment.

Soon, my coaching journey took me to the Minnesota PGA, where I continued to nurture talent and develop young golfers. Simultaneously, I had the incredible opportunity to coach a high school golf team and contribute to one of Minnesota's top alpine ski programs. These experiences, although demanding, have been nothing short of extraordinary.

The path I've traversed may have been unpredictable, filled with twists and turns, but it has been worth every second. The amalgamation of my sporting background, academic knowledge, and the joys of coaching has culminated in Savvy MN. Here, I aim to inspire, educate, and empower athletes of all levels to reach their full potential, both physically and mentally.

Sports and coaching even helped me find my husband. When we are not on the ski slopes, we enjoy camping, DIY projects, and spending time with our three dogs, Ruger, Butters, and Biscuit. 

This journey is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the profound impact that sports can have on our lives. Join me at Savvy MN, where we continue to chase our dreams and help others achieve theirs in the world of sports. Together, we'll create a brighter, more successful future for all who embrace the spirit of the game.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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